Our Moon

17 Jun 2016
Rebecca Zeigler Mano

We believe in a world where Africans are educated to become socially conscious professionals who drive forward their communities, countries and continents.

Our mission is to advance education and establish opportunities for Zambia's youth to access local and global education so that they can contribute sustainably to the growth of African society through using local partnerships. Our main programme is giving our selected scholars the opportunity to attend government schools within their country to take A levels and to have opportunities to develop their employability skills.

We provide them with guidance counseling, enabling them to apply to universities at home and abroad. We also work with the schools where we have scholars to help the staff and other students to develop their knowledge of opportunities to go to universities abroad and to develop their skills. We welcome opportunities to help students apply to universities abroad. In order to advance education within the region, we also provide research and advocacy. We started at the beginning of 2015 and are already making an impact.